SEPT. 7   |  SUNDAY  |  2PM-5PM  |  WARDROOM

Shifting Structures:

Modular Design and Construction

Workshop led by Reid Bingham

Learn how easy it is to build a variety of furniture types and structures with the modular open source Grid Beam construction system during a three-hour drop-in workshop. Grid Beam is a sustainable open source modular construction system capable of building a wide range of structures ranging from tables and chairs, to electric vehicles and lofts: imagination is the limit. Grid Beam is also waste free, adaptable, infinitely reusable, and easy to build with; all you need is an Allen key. In this workshop, we will learn about how to design with Grid Beam, how to make your own (and where to buy it), and also build benches for the Floating Library‚Äôs reading lounge. 

Reid Bingham is the Maker Space Coordinator at the New York Hall of Science, where he designs and teaches children workshops on subjects ranging from woodworking and electronics, to digital design and rubber band engineering. He is a video and electronics artist on his own time, and has exhibited and performed in Detroit, Ljubljana, and many locations around New York City. Current obsessions include light based communication systems, Thorium, and Grid Beam.