Workshop led by Zena Bibler & Anne Zuerner of the Movement Party

Unplug your phone, take out your earbuds and join us in a practice of virtuosic sensing. Together we will hone our practices of perception—What do we notice? What do we overlook? What sensory information do we tune out in order to go about our daily activities? Through activities such as choreographic viewing, sensory attunement exercises, and intentional wandering, we will use our bodies to examine the world around us, expanding our awareness of the many overlapping systems that we navigate—often without noticing that we are doing so.

The Sensory Walk departs at 5PM sharp. 

MOVEMENT PARTY is a collaborative platform for investigating physical, environmental, and social awareness through dance. Comprised of a group of independent artists living and working across the United States, Movement Party members share a commitment to exploring how movement can enrich our daily lives, social practices, and forms of communication. Through public performances, workshops, and community programming, Movement Party projects increase access to dance while building a more sustainable arts ecosystem based on empowerment and reciprocity.