We have invited 11th and 12th grade students from Hyde Leadership Charter School from the Bronx for a field trip where the students will get to select books to take home as gifts in order to encourage independent scholarship as well as to pass on the generosity of the book donors that made Floating Library possible. We also want to thank the enthusiastic teachers for partnering with us on this initiative.

See more about Hyde Leadership Charter School here:


We are curious to know what YOU think about the Floating Library, what future YOU envision for the project, and how can this project float BEYOND the Lilac Museum Steamship space? We have some ideas, however we want to hear from YOU before we take the next step. The Floating Library invites YOU to our CLOSING CEREMONY: COLLECTIVE PIRATE JOURNALING this Thursday (3-7 PM) and Friday (2-6PM) to drop by and share your reflections and opinions in our comment box. Please note that a majority of the books will have been gifted to 11th and 12th graders from Hyde Leadership Charter School from the South Bronx earlier on Thursday, but you are free to BYOB(ook) and visit the installation and browse through the reference library. If you cannot physically come by, you can also email us at