5:30PM-7PM   |  WARDROOM


Roundtable presented by Center for Book Arts

The Artist Book as Manifesto roundtable is organized by the Center's Executive Director Alexander Campos. Artists Donald Daedalus, Aurora de Armendi and Tattfoo Tan will discuss their works and consider what constitutes a manifesto, and where artists' books fall in that definition.

About the Artists

Donald Daealus is an artist based in New York. His practice includes sound works, videos, performances and books. He will discuss his work, Doppler Shifts, which encapsulates 9 months of planning a 3-night performance and gives a detailed account of the project as well as the socioeconomic context in which the work was produced.

Aurora de Armendi will discuss A Book of Questions, which is a gesture of memory and reconciliation. It is comprised of queries directed toward three groups of people (Haitian detainees, Cuban detainees, and GTMO employees including soldiers, physicians and social workers) whose paths intersected during a specific moment in GTMO's history.

Tattfoo Tan will present three books that can be viewed online. S.O.S. Action Guide is a guide for readers to replicate Tattfoo's vision for a sustainable future in their own backyards. Nature Marching System is a color chart as a reminder to consume the recommended daily dose of fruits and vegetables. I Heart Rejection Letters is an ongoing collection of rejection letters Tattfoo has received.